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In 1983, both black rhinos and northern white rhinos declared extinct throughout Uganda. Therefore, our purpose is to return rhinos, a vital aspect of both environmental and cultural heritage, back into Uganda, through our breeding and release program.

Located in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, the 7 000 hectares of savannah and woodlands has provided us with land for the rhinos. Owned by Captain Joe Roy, a Ugandan citizen, a land usage license has been agreed to give us sole usage rights for thirty (renewable) years. 

From this, the first six southern white rhinos were translocated in 2005/6, with four from Kenya, and two from Disney Animal Kingdom (USA). As it was northern white rhinos that once populated Uganda’s national parks, our rhinos are technically considered an exotic breed! 

It was in March 2008. Unfortunately, Bella’s baby was a still born. 

The next year - 24th June 2009 - we had a healthy male calf, making history by being the first rhino born in Uganda in approximately 30 years! He was named Obama, making history, with his mother from the United States and his father from Kenya.

Rhino Fund's prime objective is to reintroduce rhinoceros into Uganda. This project consists of three phases.

First phase: To raise awareness about rhinos and educate others regarding their threatened status. To accomplish this, we have imported and relocated two rhinoceros to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe and we also welcome visitors to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, located in Nakasongola District. 

Second phase: To breed a sustainable rhino population within the sanctuary. We have had 16 births since June 2009, we have 21 now because Justice died and mating is on-going. These are the first rhinos born in Uganda in over 30 years! 

Third phase: to reintroduce rhinos back into their original habitat. When there is a sustainable population, rhinos will be relocated into Uganda's protected areas.

We can organise for you a trip to the sanctuary any time ...

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